Dr. Leslie Lothstein, Ph.D., ABPP, is a Board Certified Clinical Psychologist with primary specialties in Human Sexuality, Forensic Psychology, and Evaluating and Treating Impaired Professionals. Dr. Lothstein provides consultation and forensic psychotherapy and sexual and violent risk assessment for Attorneys, Institutions, Individuals, Schools and families.

Dr. Lothstein works with criminal and civil litigators as a consultant, forensic psychotherapist, and expert witness in cases involving children, adolescents and adults in

  • sexual violence and sexual harassment in schools, athletics, families and the workplace;
  • sexual victimization and trauma (delayed reporting of sexual abuse);
  • Internet sexual addictions and Paraphilic addictions and crimes;
  • negligent hiring, supervision and retention of individuals who are sexually
    inappropriate or violent in the workplace

       Additionally, Dr. Lothstein

  • helps lawyers prepare for defense and/or prosecution of individuals
    accused of sexual crimes and  
  • works with judges and attorneys in the formulation of effective treatment plans for individuals with problem sexual behaviors (including coaches and clergy) and /or sexual offenders
  • provides group, individual and family psychotherapy to clients with problem sexual behaviors including gender variant experiences

Dr. Lothstein is a Board member of the Connecticut Association for the Treatment of Sex Offenders (C.A.T.S.O.), Vice Chairman of the Advisory Board of the Whiting Forensic Hospital of CVH of the DMHAS in Connecticut, and Psychology Director for HAVEN.
Dr. Lothstein is a consultant with the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services, the Department of Family and Children’s Services (DCF) and the Department of Disabilities where he does risk assessments and risk management plans for mentally ill and/or intellectually disabled individuals who have sexual behavior problems or have offended sexually.
Dr. Lothstein has also served as a consultant for the National Conference of Catholic Bishops in dealing with clergy sex abuse problems.

Dr. Leslie Lothstein diagnoses and treats the whole spectrum of sexual behavior disorders, and provides caring, compassionate and confidential treatment through individual and group therapy to his clients.

Dr. Lothstein has consulted in cases in Alaska, Connecticut, Florida, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Hampshire, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, and Virginia.  He has also consulted on cases of clergy sexual abuse in Dublin, Ireland and on Gender Variance and Identity in Paris, France.  He works both for the defense and the prosecution and in State and Federal court matters, preparing documents for court, giving depositions, appearing in court as an expert witness and helping attorneys to prepare their cases for criminal and civil cases.

Dr. Lothstein also has specialty training working with adolescents with sexual problems including adolescents with Pervasive Developmental Disorder and Asperger’s Disorder who have problem sexual behaviors.

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